The Club


Mulubinba Lodge is administered by Shortland Alpine Club, a non-profit co-operative based in Newcastle.

The aim of the Club is to encourage and promote winter and summer sports and other recreational activities for all members, affiliates and family friends.

The club is run to a set of formal rules detailed in our “Rules of the Shortland Alpine Club Co-operative Limited”, primarily set and controlled by the NSW Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services.


Shortland Alpine Club is run by Board of voluntary members whose task is to manage the smooth running of the lodge as an accommodation facility; to maintain the lodge to the standards expected by the National Parks and Wildlife Services; to manage the club’s finances and to report as required to various government authorities.

There are 10 Board of Directors with the following duties:

Chairperson; Treasurer; Secretary; Lodge Manager; Bookings Officer; Maintenance Officer; Projects and Building Officer; Distribution Officer; Membership Officer; Club History.
In addition we have “ex Officio” positions for controlling the pantry; for sports promotion and for environmental reporting.

Club Rules

All members are issued with the Rules of the Shortland Alpine Club Co-operative Limited and must abide by this guideline.


Membership is limited to 150 paid up shareholders. From time to time, we call on new membership applications to maintain this level of members.

Recently we introduced a SAC Seniors category for long term members. We also have an AFFILIATE MEMBERS list for children of current members and we maintain a list of FRIENDS who wish to receive regular correspondence from the club.